August 10 to 24, 2019

Prince Edward Island and Southeast New Brunswick
August 11, 2019

The community of Wellington lies in the western part of Prince Edward Island. Energized by its Francophonie, this small village of 400 residents is proud to promote its Acadian spirit. The community is located between Abram-Village and Miscouche in the Evangeline area of Prince County. Wellington is considered as the service hub of the Evangeline area.

Music is an integral part of everyday life in Wellington. There are a number of gathering places for musical events where you can sing and dance almost any time of day. For even more festivities, take a short ride to the Village musical acadien in Abram-Village.

The Belmont Provincial Park is a bit more than 20 kilometres from Wellington. Enjoy the magnificent beaches overlooking the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, picnic sites and walking trails. Located along the North Cape Coastal Drive, you can get there by cycling the trails.

Did you know that the village of Wellington developed because of the construction of a train station between 1873 and 1874? That’s when the first Acadian residents settled in the village.

The Evangeline area has always stood out economically. A few small industries like shipbuilding and general construction as well as various other businesses bolster the labour market in this Acadian region. What makes Wellington and surrounding areas even more unique is the development of its cooperatives whether it be services, agriculture, food or fishing.

Also in Wellington is the only French language community college, Collège de l'Île (formerly Collège de l’Acadie), founded in 2008. It is also at that time that it was officially designated as a French language community college.