August 10 to 24, 2019

Prince Edward Island and Southeast New Brunswick
August 21, 2019

Did you know that the name Cocagne means “land of plenty”? This is exactly what is offered to you on August 21, 2019: an abundance of activities every one more interesting than the other. Cocagne offers a variety of kiosks ranging from the demonstration of ancient crafts to the tasting of oysters and typical Acadian dishes. There are games for children, local artists' performances on the outdoor stage, guided bus tours, illuminated boat parade, fireworks and more. Come see us on August 21 at the brand-new community park near the Cocagne River and the Marina. Make it a date!


Arts and Culture

When you arrive in Cocagne, you’re enveloped in a very special atmosphere. Why? Because of the friendly hospitality of the local Acadians and their accent typical of southeastern New Brunswick, the natural beauty, and the peacefulness of the place.

Who in Acadia has never got together with family or friends or as a community to share a good meal? In Cocagne, people love to eat in a festive atmosphere. Every year, they hold community suppers where local artists demonstrate their talents. Cocagne also organizes Slow Food Cocagne Acadie. Slow Food is a worldwide movement that promotes local, sustainable food production and the community aspect of food consumption. Every year, Slow Food Cocagne Acadie holds its Slow & Sloppy orchard picnic, along with a number of other activities like workshops, talks, and interactive activities.

The Femmes de cœur theatre company will move you and make you laugh. The traditional tea party hosted by the Dames d’Acadie; Chantons l’Acadie performed by the Cocagne choir; and Musico-Vin night are just a few examples of the community activities held throughout the year.

Have you ever had a chance to admire the creations of Marcia Poirier of Wildabout Wampum? Marcia is a local artist who sculpts jewelry from clam shells. She sells her products nationally and internationally, and she can’t meet the demand. Each piece is unique and handcrafted with the greatest of care.

Outdoors and Leisure

In the summer, walk along the many trails in Cocagne’s active living circuit. You can also visit the brand-new community park near the popular marina and its restaurant, from which you can admire the majestic Cocagne River. In the winter, you can go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. Smelt fishing is very popular, and the bay and river are temporarily transformed into tiny fishing villages.

Cocagne is a preferred spot for U-pick aficionados. Apple picking is a popular fall activity for families, and the local orchards and farms offer a wide range of other experiences for visitors. Stop by Marcel Goguen Farm, a family farm that was established when the first Acadians arrived in the area in the 1770s. Pick apples or visit the farm animals, which include chickens, geese, pigs, ducks, and a horse. At La Fleur du Pommier Ltée, you can pick your own strawberries and raspberries in the summer and apples in September. At Le Verger Goguen, you can pick apples, buy some fresh fruit and vegetables, and fish for your own trout in the pond located on the property!

Heritage and History

In 1767, with the permission of the British Crown, Cocagne became the first Acadian community to be established after the deportation of the Acadians. In 2017, Cocagne celebrated the 250th anniversary of its founding in grand style. As a result of that event, the Historical Society of Cocagne was officially incorporated on August 15, 2017.

Newly incorporated as a rural community, Cocagne was built by the work of its volunteers, who continue to contribute to its artistic, cultural, and economic development. The arena, the marina, Centre 50, and the 25 years of the International Regattas of Cocagne (1974-1999) are all examples of the commitment of volunteers.

Sustainable development forms a large part of the cultural and heritage landscape of Cocagne. The Pays de Cocagne Sustainable Development Group, established in the 2000s, seeks to preserve the biological diversity of the Cocagne River watershed. Over the years, it has carried out a number of projects in various fields, from sustainable and ecological development to natural heritage conservation, including the protection of shorebirds. The Group offers educational workshops for both young and old.

The Blanche-Bourgeois school in Cocagne was the first entrepreneurial community school in New Brunswick. Its cafeteria concept is based on four pillars: entrepreneurship, education, health, and sustainable development. The Blanche-Bourgeois school is part of the network of schools associated with UNESCO.