August 10 to 24, 2019

Prince Edward Island and Southeast New Brunswick
Landry Family Reunion

Moncton Lions Club
Moncton, NB

How to get here

Wednesday - August 14, 2019

1:00 pm:
- Registration/Welcoming participants
- Workshop visits

1- Genealogy: Mireille will print your genealogical line(incl.)
2-View the PPT presentations on historically important Landrys
3- PTT presentation about Famous or well-known Landrys
4-Photo booth with Acadian accessories (Facebook publication - waiverrequired)
5-Tintamarre preparation: PPT, Youth Workshop, T-shirt with Landry Coat of Arms (get them at the Acadian Boutique- $)
6- Artisans’ kiosks 

- Conference given by Mr.Marcel W. Landry lasting 45min. with question period (registration required to determine number of seats and presentation language)

Whoever wants a Landry headbandmust fill in the desired quantity on the registration form at a cost of $8.00 each.  They will be distributed on August 14th. They will also be on sale during that day.

Complimentary conference given by Mr. Marcel W. Landry lasting 45 minutes at 3:45 with question period (please register)

2:00 pm: Welcome with3 Landry ancestors- “Visitors from the Past” 

2:30pm : “La grande Histoire des Landry” conference in French

3:45 pm: “Landry in History”  conference in English

6pm: Presentation of Landry Coat of Arms for CMA 2019

6:15 pm: Acadian buffet (included in registration fee)

7 pm: Door prizes and word of thanks             

7:30 pm: Landry JAM at the Moncton Lions’ Club Hall hosted by Raymond and Éric, musicians and singers can touch base with the committee to let us know of your interest in this activity: instruments, Acadian songs, etc.

9 pm: Dance with DJ and bar service.  All alcoholic beverages must be purchased at the hall and must be consumed in the hall.

N.B.:  CASH ONLY bar. Cheques, credit or debit cards are not accepted. 

Please note: For drinking water, we ask that you bring your own reusable bottle as there will be water dispensers at the hall.  We are an eco-friendly organization. 


Sold in the hall or nearby:

-Landry headband ($8)

-Landry coat of arms pin ($2)

-White T-shirt with Landry coat of arms available at the Acadian Boutique ($17.24, tax included)

-Historical road guide of Acadian establishments at the Three Riversand Beaubassin North ($20)

*Buffet included with all registrations
Adult: $30
Children: $8 (5 – 12 years)
Children: Free (0 – 4 years)

Register Here!

Artisans’ tables:  

  1. Cards with Acadian colors by Joe-Ann Landry
  2. Personalized cosmetics by Janou Landry

Suggested activities for August 15, 2019

Free tours: Lefebvre Monument, Center for Acadian Studies, Moncton.

Commemorative plaque for Beaubassin pioneer families at Fort Beauséjour (info to follow).

10am:- Mass at Notre Dame de l’Assomption Cathedral in Moncton

11am: Official ceremony designating the Notre Dame de l’Assomption cathedral as a National historical site in Canada.

-4:30pm: Meet the LANDRYat Place 1604 in Dieppe before the Tintamarre.

-5pm: Formal Ceremony of the Acadie-Dieppe National Holiday

5:55pm: Experience the Tintamarre with the Landry Family banners.

7pm: Big Show honoring the Acadian National Holiday- Scène Uni Coopération financière at the new MusiquArt site in Dieppe

Please consult the instructions: August 15thshow

For $20 (plus taxes and service fees), you can purchase your pin for the Large Gatherings on the CMA 2019's Box Office.

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