August 10 to 24, 2019

Prince Edward Island and Southeast New Brunswick
This program is subject to change and other activities will be added.

The first part of the programming (August 10-15, 2019) will mostly be held in Prince Edward Island and the second part (August 15-24, 2017) will be held mostly in Southeast New Brunswick.

August 10: Opening Day - Abram-Village, PEI
The opening ceremony will be held in Abram-Village, the heart of the Evangeline region. This event will officially kick off the 6th Congrès mondial acadien’s festivities.

August 14: Commemoration Day - Miscouche PEI
A ceremony honouring the 135th anniversary of the Acadian flag and national anthem will be held in Miscouche, the town where both symbols were initially adopted in 1884.

August 15: National Acadian Day - Dieppe, NB
Many people are expected to celebrate National Acadian Day on August 15, 2019, in Dieppe.

August 16-23: Community Space - Moncton, NB
The heart of downtown Moncton will be transformed into a genuine mosaic of Francophone cultures. This permanent activity zone will host stands promoting various Acadian and Francophone regions throughout the world. A number of streets downtown will be closed for the occasion.

August 24: Closing Ceremony - Shediac, NB
The 2019 CMA Closing Ceremony will take place in beautiful Shediac.

The family reunions are often seen as the heart and soul of the CMA. Many families will sign up to participate in these hallmark events.

The youth component aims to bring together those making a difference in their communities, combining the energy and inspiring stories of leadership and change. For those aged 18 to 25, a series of activities will be tailored to their personal interests.

Large popular conferences and others dedicated to a specific public, along with various general meetings, will be held before and during CMA 2019. They will address culture, women, politics, economy, history, media, environment, health, etc.

Economic Component
The economic componennt of the CMA 2019 will bring together partners from both private sector and economic development from PEI and NB. Event will focus on our region and on external markets identified with our partners.

Community Activities
The 20 hosting municipalities will organise various public events during CMA.