August 10 to 24, 2019

Prince Edward Island and Southeast New Brunswick
Logo Retrouvailles Bourgeois 2019 finalBourgeois Family Reunion

Grande-Digue (NB): August 13 - 14 2019
Notre Centre, 468 route 530

How to get here

Tuesday - August 13 2019

1:00 pm:
- Welcome and registration. (Registrations should have been made via CMA site, but may be done at the door for latecomers. Cash and cheques only)

1:30 pm:
- Opening of the artists and authors hall [exhibition of books and paintings].
- Activities for young people [Children and teens if the numbers warrant]
- Meetings between immediate and distant family members as well as sharing of family history and genealogy.

2:00 pm:
- Official opening of family gathering
- Administrative issues
- Welcome speech
- Other

2:30 pm:
- Lecture [French] or Museum visit [guide in the language of Shakespeare]

3:15 pm:
- Lecture [English] or Museum visit [guide in the language of Molière]

4:30 pm:
- Visit of the artists and authors show room [cont’d]
- Genealogy sharing and family gathering [cont’d]

5:00 pm:
- Happy Hour and opening of the Cash Bar

5:45 pm:
- Some Acadian songs [chorale]
- Group Supper [traditional Acadian meal]

7:30 pm:
- Music and family evening

Wednesday - August 14 2019

9:00 am:
- Welcome and registration
- General Assembly of the Association of Bourgeois’ of Acadian Descent.
- Registrants to the family gathering will automatically receive a membership to the association if they are not already members.

10:15 am:
- Georgette Bourgeois—Launch of her book

11:00 am:
- Mass

12:00 pm:
- Family BBQ
- Closing ceremony

Registration fee is $36.50 for adults and $18.00 for children

Marc Bourgeois will be bringing his Acadian history book collection which will be available for consultation during the family gathering. Marc will also be available for genealogical consultation. Bring your genealogical and historical documentation as well as your family photos so that it may be added to the database.

For more information and to keep informed about the Retrouvailles Bourgeois 2019 family gathering or to exchange with other attendees visit our Facebook page.

For more information about the Associations of Bourgeois’ of Acadian Descent visit our Website.

T-shirts celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Retrouvailles Bourgeois family gatherings will be available for acquisition prior to the family reunion. Images of the T-shirts and related information will be posted on the Retrouvailles Bourgeois 2019 Facebook as soon as final arrangements are made.

A crowdfunding campaign will be initiated in order to complete the funding of the Jacques Jacob Bourgeois Memorial Monument that is to be installed at the Beaubassin and Fort-Lawrence Historic site on the border between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. More information regarding this campaign will be posted to the Retrouvailles Bourgeois 2019 Facebook page shortly.

“In the foot steps of your Bourgeois Ancestors in Old Acadie” tour has been organized by Marc Bourgeois. The tours which will take place following the “Retrouvailles Bourgeois 2019” family gathering, from the 17th to the 24th of August, will visit Acadian historic sites in Nova Scotia related to the Bourgeois’. For more information see or visit the Retrouvailles Bourgeois 2019 Facebook page.